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RankSpy enables you to check the rankings of any products for as many Amazon keywords as you like, making it easy to see where you can improve your rankings and increase traffic.

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Efficient, Valuable Data The no-nonsense RankSpy interface allows you to enter as many ASINs as you like and up to 500 keywords per search, and the tool delivers the current Amazon search ranking of each ASIN for each keyword on your list, as well as the exact monthly search volume for each keyword. GET STARTED 
Make Better Decisions RankSpy enables you to capture data that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. With the knowledge of where you and your competitors rank for all relevant keywords, it's easy to identify and capitalize on opportunities to increase exposure by targeting keywords that your competitors are missing. GET STARTED 
Optimize Your Product Research The ability to gather a wealth of ranking data at the touch of a button enables you to quickly analyse the ranking landscape in any Amazon niche. When researching new products, this enables you to identify opportunities to improve on what sellers in the niche are doing, and to decide where your efforts should be focused when you launch product. GET STARTED 
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